Calligraphy is a beautiful, creative trade that has been a part of my life since childhood, and a part of my family's history for four generations. My great-grandfather was a professor of Ornamental and Business Penmanship at Temple University in the  early part of the 20th century. His delicate flourished birds and pointed pen work inspired me as a child and continue to influence both my artistic and professional work to this day. I love the precision of pointed pen calligraphy and I am particularly drawn to script styles developed around the turn of the 19th-20th century.

Services and Commissions 

I currently offer a variety of calligraphic services for events and occasions (envelopes, place cards, invitations, certificates etc...), as well as unique commissioned pieces. I am most proficient in historic pointed pen scripts, but also dabble with broad edge and brush work here and there. Contact me for pricing quotes, turnaround time estimates and answers to any other questions you may have :)



script samples 

Commission Work and Scripts in use