Custom Hand Carved Ergonomic Calligraphy Pen HOLDERS



Custom fit ergonomic holders from a single kind of wood can be ordered directly through my shop. Pre-made holders that are ready to ship are available in my Etsy Shop. If you're interested in something a little fancier like a holder from multiple kinds of wood, or if you're curious about left handed or straight designs, you can contact me for a quote. I'm always happy to offer advice and answer any questions.



All of my holders are individually hand-carved in my small apartment workshop in Chicago. The ergonomic design is one I've developed and refined over time based on my experience as a professional calligrapher, and from feedback from other calligraphers and pen makers. The shaping is not as rigid as many historical ergonomic holders, allowing for more flexibility and easier manipulation of the holder for the subtle rotations and angle changes required for many pointed pen scripts. For each custom order, I adjust the specific shaping of the grip and the scale of the holder to fit my customer. The core form of my design stays the same from holder to holder, but I can easily adjust the thickness of the grip and the body of the pen to accommodate preferences for slimmer or chunkier writing experiences. When you order a holder from me, you're purchasing something special, made just for you, that will serve you for years in all your calligraphic endeavors.



I've been a calligrapher and artist (on some level) all of my life. In 2015 the idea popped into my head to design and make the perfect holder for myself. I shared my progress online, and almost immediately messages were coming in from people all over the world with requests for holders of their own. Before I really knew what was happening, I was staying up late after work and spending all of my weekends carving holders, developing a healthy set of callouses, and learning all I could about the specifics of well designed calligraphy holders. Today, I'm fortunate enough to support myself through this rewarding work (along with my calligraphy). I love what I do, and I love the opportunity to be a part of and to serve the global calligraphy community.



I don't frequently have pen updates or holders available for general purchase, but when I do, I send out announcements through this mailing list. Sign up if you're interested. I promise not to sell or share your info, or send you any non-pen holder related stuff  :)