JF Hook

JF Hook

JF Hook was my paternal great grandfather (b. 1-17-1882, d. 8-22-1961). He studied penmanship at the Gem City Business College in Quincy, Illinois around 1904-05. Temple College in Philadelphia brought him on as an instructor of Ornamental and Business Penmanship beginning in the 1905-06 school year.  He stayed at Temple through the 1909-10 school year after which the unfortunate death of his brother prompted his return home to his family in Oskaloosa, Iowa. In Oskaloosa he became the sheriff and never returned to professional instruction in penmanship.  He did however raise a large family of girls and one boy with his wife Emily.

A few of his original pieces have  survived in my branch of that family, as well as a few photostats and a number of old photo copies (many on pastel colored paper) of various flourishes and drawings. The following galleries contain all of the content I've been able to collect relating to him and his work.


Flourished Birds

Calligraphy and Penmanship

Family Photos