Bullock Flange Upgrade

Bullock Flange Upgrade


PLEASE NOTE: Bullock flanges are not available for individual sale at this time.

This is an upgrade option for custom order penholders. Include this upgrade option with your order if you'd like to have your pen fitted with a bullock flange instead of a standard one.

Bullock flanges accept a wide variety of nibs without needing to be reshaped when switching between differently curved or sized ones. They are opened and closed with a small phillips head screw and are available in either brass or nickel silver. Nickel silver bullock flanges are secured with a silver screw and a brass nut, so there is a color mismatch on the bottom of the flange. The nuts for both types of bullocks are secured with silver colored solder.

A small screwdriver suitable for opening and closing the flange is included along with your upgrade.

 If you've never used a bullock before, I highly recommend this informative video on them from Chris Yoke of the Yoke Pen Company.

Always avoid over-tightening the flange. Forcing the screw too tight can break the solder holding the nut in place, and putting too much tension on a nib can distort and damage it. You should always tighten it just to the point your nib is held firmly in place.

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