Custom and Reserve Orders

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Custom & Reserve ORders 

I am currently accepting custom and reserve orders for oblique pen holders.


Contact me  ;)  

It doesn't matter whether you already know exactly what you want or whether you don't have any idea where to start, just send me note. I'm happy to answer any questions, make suggestions, or get an order started for you.

I try to respond to all requests within 24-48 hours. If you don't hear back from me please check your spam folder.


My turnaround time is currently 4-6 weeks from when you confirm an order and when I begin carving and each pen typically takes a week to complete from when I start on it. To make it easier for you to see where your order is, I keep an order tracker on my site.  Each reserved pen has an ID number so you can check in any time and see where yours is in line.


I base my pricing on a combination of material costs and the time it takes to make a holder. Typically holders from softer woods are the least expensive with the prices increasing progressively for harder woods that are more difficult and time consuming to carve. The kinds of wood I have readily available are listed in the gallery below and you can see the pricing details in the descriptions by clicking on the images.


I ship through USPS unless you request a different carrier or shipping option. It's usually less than $10 anywhere in the US, and under $20 for most countries outside the states. I can give you a more accurate estimate if you send me your shipping address. Delivery in the US is usually within 3 business days of the ship date, outside the US is quite a bit longer and generally averages 2 weeks from the ship date.


I take reserve/custom orders with a $50 deposit (usually through PayPal). The deposit confirms your order, and saves you the kind of wood you choose and a spot in my carving queue (I just work through orders on a first come first serve basis). The remainder of the holder price (minus the deposit) and the shipping is due when I complete your holder.


Every reserve order includes a certain amount of customization to better fit the holder to your hand size and to shape the flange for a nib of your choice. 

To customize the holder size, I'll need:

  • A photo of your hand gripping an oblique holder like you do when you are writing
  • A measurement of the distance from the middle of the pad of your index finger to where the tail of the pen rests against the web of your hand between your palm and thumb
  • A measurement of the distance from the middle of the pad of your thumb to where the holder sits against your hand

Check out the example photo :

My holders are designed so that you can alternate between a looser, lower grip and a tighter, more vertical grip closer to the flange. Having the photo at this angle and these measurements helps me more accurately place the curves for your hand.


Currently Available Kinds of Wood

Pricing and sizes are listed in the descriptions for each