I offer a wide variety of calligraphy services for events and occasions (envelopes, place cards, invitations, certificates etc...), as well as unique commissioned pieces, and spot work for print. I am most proficient in historic pointed pen scripts, but also dabble with broad edge and brush work here and there. I provide original design work either as camera ready artwork or as high resolution digital files (tiff, jpg, etc…), and generally do not offer vectorized design files.


All projects are priced on a case by case basis due to the unique nature of each. Pricing always includes an initial planning phase, a first layout draft, a sample of the planned script, a review phase where changes can be requested for the script or the design, a final script sample if needed, and then the final piece of work. More extended design processes with further revisions can be accommodated for additional cost.

Below, I've included my general rates for commonly requested wedding calligraphy needs. Please note, all rates listed are estimates that may be subject to change dependent on the specifics of your project and up until the point you confirm an order and pricing arrangement. Black and brown ink are included in the listed rates. Stationery and paper goods are not.


Item/Service Price p/ea Description
Place Card $3.00 Up to two names with or without titles.
Escort Card $3.25 Up to two names with or without titles, plus a table number.
Outer Envelope Base Price $4.00 Three lines + zip and up to two names with or without titles.
Inner Envelope Base Price $3.00 Up to two names with or without titles.
RSVP Envelope $3.75 Three lines + zip and up to two names with or without titles.
Outer + Inner Envelope Pair Base Price $6.00 Three lines + zip and up to two names with or without titles for the outer envelope. Up to two names with or without titles for the inner envelope.
Return Addressing Upgrade $3.75 Per envelope upgrade fee to add a return address. Three lines + zip and up to two names with or without titles.
International/Business Addressing Upgrade $0.50 Per envelope upgrade fee for international and business addresses that require additional lines beyond what is covered in the base rate.
Custom Ink Upgrade $0.25 Per item fee for white, custom-mix colored, metallic, or specialty inks.
Table Number $5.00 1-sided
$8.00 2-sided
Number or table number terminology included. Available in pointed pen at smaller sizes. Larger table numbers are available in a variety of either brush or broad edge styles.
Table Number and Name List $15.00 Single or double sided (with the table number on one side and the names on the other). Numbering is available in pointed pen styles at smaller sizes or a variety of brush or broad edge styles at larger sizes. Up to six names are included with or without titles in pointed pen styles.


General Info and Answers to F.A.Q.’s

Ordering and Turnaround Time

My turnaround time can vary a great deal depending on the size of your order and what other commitments I’ve already booked. I recommend contacting me at least one to two months in advance of when you will need your order, especially if you have a larger or involved project. You can reserve a time frame on my schedule with a non-refundable 50% deposit of your anticipated order.

Reservation and Payment Terms

I accept reservations with a non-refundable 50% deposit of your order quote, with the remaining price due upon completion of your project. I accept credit cards, cash, PayPal and Venmo.

Rush Orders

I accept rush orders (any order that is placed less than 14 days out from the required completion date) on a case by case basis with a 30% rush fee.

Shipping, Pickup and Delivery

I work full time out of my home studio in the Portage Park neighborhood of Chicago and can be available for drop-offs and pickups pretty much any time as long as you arrange it in advance. I am also able to ship the majority of orders nationally or internationally for actual cost of postage plus shipping materials through USPS or UPS.

Stationery Selection

Not all papers are created equal when it comes to calligraphy. Some have rough and textured surfaces that look beautiful but will limit the styles of calligraphy that can be written on them. Other papers are not made to handle fluid ink and may bleed like permanent marker on a paper towel. It’s best to to pick up a sampler of the papers you’re considering and have them tested prior to purchasing everything. I’m happy provide tests of any papers, as well as recommendations with any order.

Extra Stationery Allowances

I am human, which means mistakes will happen. To ensure I’m able to deliver your full order without errors I require at least 15% over the final number of envelopes, cards, or paper required for your order. Any extra materials left over once your order is complete will be returned to you upon request.

File Formatting

All guest lists, address lists or other source texts need to be provided in a single file and in a digital format like Google Docs or Sheets, MS Word or Excel. All entries and line breaks need to be formatted as they are intended to occur in the finished work (including punctuation and abbreviations etc...). I highly recommend you have at least one other person check your file for errors prior to sending it to me. Typos, mistakes and misspellings have a way of always sneaking in. Things that are obviously incorrect to you may not be so obvious to me, and corrections requested after I've begun work are charged as additional items.

Calligraphy Styles

“Scripts” and “hands” are the calligraphic equivalent of fonts and typefaces in typography and design. Calligraphers learn different scripts and hands like you might learn to speak a foreign language, and they bring their own unique style to each one. I am most proficient in historic pointed pen scripts with flourished capitals, fine hairlines and shaded letterforms. You can check out some of scripts I offer in the script sample section of my website.